Nutrition Resources

Eat well. Live well. Be well.

Free Resources Available from Rachel

The following free nutrition resources are available from Rachel for anyone looking to level up their healthy eating.

Wise Eats Membership

  • Health Tracker – a free app to track your food and mood
  • 5 day on-demand, email mini-course starting right now

  • 8 strategies to achieve a healthy weight

  • 3 easy tools to develop healthy eating habit

  • 11 simple, delicious anti-inflammatory recipes

30 Day Healthy Eating Challenge

Essentially a Nutrition 101 email course, this challenge will guide you step by step in making small changes towards achieving your goals.

Plus there’s a group chat for comments and questions where I pop on to help.

3-Day Meal Plan

Take the effort out of enjoying healthy meals. Find out how easy healthy eating can be. Take the first step to the rest of your life.

What’s Your Eating Type?

Discover your eating style by taking this quiz. Are you an intuitive eater, unconscious eater, professional dieter, careful eater, emotional eater, or a combination? Knowing your eating style is helpful when navigating a lot of nutrition information.