Kimberley Gittens RD MHSc

Kimberley Gittens is a Registered Dietitian based in Ontario. She has a Master’s degree in Nutrition Communications, and provides one-on-one support over Zoom, planning nutritious meals tailored to your lifestyle and health goals.
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Note: Kimberley works with clients in Ontario.

Helping people manage chronic disease with foods they love

Kimberley is a Registered Dietitian based in Ontario, Canada. She recently completed her Master’s in Nutrition Communications, which has further developed her knowledge and expertise in the field of nutrition.

Nutrition communicator and social media expert since 2021 (check out her blog posts on, Kimberley is now available to provide one-on-one support over Zoom, planning your meals based on a nutrition prescription tailored to your lifestyle!

Kimberley is passionate about helping people manage their diabetes through the foods they love. She believes that people can still enjoy delicious and nutritious meals while improving their blood sugars and lowering their A1c.

With her extensive knowledge in the field of nutrition, Kimberley is well-equipped to provide tailored advice and empowers her clients to make diabetes-friendly changes to their diet and improve their overall health.