Meal Plans

A service that may be added to any WISE EATS nutrition programs
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As a Dietitian, can you create a meal plan for me?

Assistance with meal planning is one of the most common requests that we get from our clients. We are always pleased to see that they recognize the importance of meal planning.  

EatLove is the online platform I use to not only provide personalized recipes, but also to help coach you through the steps of cooking and building healthy habits. It’s like having a Dietitian right in your pocket! 

EatLove tells you what to eat and when to start cooking!

Whether you are cooking for one, two or the entire family, taking the time to plan meals will not only save you time, effort and money but will also improve your eating habits. EatLove will send you reminders of what to prep for your meals! 

Smart Lists

EatLove helps you maximize grocery dollars with ingredient-optimized shopping lists and even save time with optional home delivery. 


Swappable meals that you can plan ahead or organize in the moment. All while still meeting your lifestyle and fitness goals.


Restaurant Recommendations

Out of the house? No problem. EatLove locates the nearest restaurants with the smartest choices for you. 


A dietitian in your pocket!

Feeling stuck? Not sure about a meal? EatLove allows you to communicate with your dietitian with a secure chat function.

Real-Time Coaching

EatLove allows easy food logging, which helps unlock personalized insights and allow you to track your progress. 

The answer to the question “As a Dietitan, can you create a meal plan for me?” is Yes! With the tools readily available with EatLove, I can create meal plans that you’ll enjoy cooking and eating all month long!