Residential Care Services

Available only on Vancouver Island
Book a Meal Assessment

Mobile services for Long Term / Residential Care & In-Home Assessment include:

  • Nutrition Care Plans (required within 30 days of admission)
  • Bedside swallowing assessments
  • Tube feeding and high output ostomy
  • Palliative and end of life nutrition counselling (Is my loved one starving to death?)
  • Weight monitoring with interventions related to weight changes
  • RAI section K quarterly reviews (facilities only)
  • Care plan reviews
  • 30 day reassessment for tray service (for nutrition indications only)
  • Care conferences
  • 4 week menu plan reviews, twice a year
  • Provision of supervision of preparation and delivery of food

Rates & Additional Services

For contracts with a minimum of 30 minutes per resident per month the rate is $60/hour. Includes the services listed above. Or book appointments for the following services as needed.

Menu Plan Reviews

Upload your menu plan(s) for review.  All items must include the portion size including beverages.  Your review will include recommendations to meet the 2019 Canada Food Guide and include culturally relevant and preferred food.

$200/week menu plans

Initial / Annual Nutrition Assessments

Includes a nutrition prescription, therapeutic diet to meet medical nutritional needs, texture modification (based on a swallowing screen or assessment), fluid recommendation, supplements, eating aides and positioning recommendations, bowel and/or wound nutrition interventions and beverage preferences. 

Note: Does not include wheelchair or seating assessments. Good positioning must be achievable with existing equipment. 

This assessment is done at meal time where the resident normally dines. Rate: $157

Quarterly Follow-Up or As Needed

Includes signing RAI section K. Rate: $78.50

Significant changes require a full re-assessment Rate: $157


Working with Rachel

As a Registered Dietitian, I maintain liability insurance and WorkSafeBC coverage.

Travel time to and from your location is charged at $1/km from Parksville.

Nutrition services provided on one-on-one or to long term and residential care facilities are GST exempt.