Be Careful of Marketing Nutrition Claims Promising You Better Health

Have you ever noticed all the marketing nutrition claims that are out there? Typically, when you see a health claim on someone’s marketing there is something misleading right in the headline that lures you in. Then within the first couple paragraphs of the article or post or in the first couple minutes of the video, your attention is captured by an appealing story. Something you can easily relate to. So what kind of health claims are we talking about? So what’s misleading about that? Everything is relatability right? From business to business, to friendships, to selling it is all about creating a relationship and in that relationship is relatability. It isn’t the relatability that is the issue. It is what comes right after. It is the promise of. So what kind of marketing nutrition claims are we talking about?

If a producer makes a claim that it is locally grown, we have to judge what that really means. Does it mean that it is produced in this province or at the farm down the road?  Was the food produced in a local factory farm or a family farm.  A claim that it is “locally grown” might conjure an image of a local farm.   Do not take claims at face value.

The kind of health claims are one that promises to completely cure you of a disease or an ailment within days or weeks of taking their product. Maybe a weight loss product that promises to help you shed those unwanted pounds and give you the body you have always wanted. Here’s the thing. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. Now is that to say that every product on the market it bad? No more than they should be making promises to you that it will work, can I say that there is not one single product out there that won’t work for you. That in itself isn’t the issue. It is the danger that lies behind the claims themselves.  

When you put your credit card in and you are promised a free product that you only have to cover shipping, the pictures that are online could be photoshopped in or been stolen from another site, post or even google. Once you have put your credit card information in they have you. Whether you like the product or not you will more than likely have forgotten about the sign up until the money comes out of your account next month and you receive the product again whether you want it or not.

Now again I am not saying that every product out there does not have the possibility of standing up to it’s claims. However, if you are being caught in a marketing loop (aka –trap) you are more than likely being taken advantage of. A real product, a good product will not only stand by its reputation. It will stand by its price tag. It does not need to lower it’s price to get you to buy.  

The testimonials should speak for itself. The testimonials are the products reputation. Those aren’t health claims. Those are real stories. Much like we talked about in one of my previous blogs about doing your research, and not listening to people who are going off of their own experience. You want multiple case counts of people it has worked for, and even then that is still very dangerous. Those are people who are mostly doing it without the advice or the being under the watchful eye of their doctor, so there is no way to be properly assessed as to the progress. This in its entirety is the biggest danger of them all. Whether it is a person that is promoting their ‘service’, or someone promoting a ‘product’, without the proper studies and research done on what it is they are offering you are playing Russian Roulette with your body. 

You go to a doctor to find out what’s wrong and fix you, you go to a pharmacist because they help you. They are there to guide you and the doctor with what pills you should be taking that are right for you with the least side effects and the best chances of working. Your doctor has assessed and knows what is wrong with you, but it is the pharmacist who gives you the final okay if that pill is right for you. The same goes with going to a dietitian like myself. A dietitian plays a key role in your overall health. They will help you to eat the foods that are right for your body. Your best health, your best you. 

There are different roles that need to be played to guide you with your health, and anything you introduce needs to be able to work with the people you are working with who monitor your health and wellness on a regular basis. 

No one should ever promise you sunshine and rainbows. When you listen to over the top nutrition health claims that are all doing blanket marketing to get as many people in the door as possible you can bet your bottom dollar that you are one of many. We all want the promise of good health and wellness. You deserve that too. 

What you want to do is make sure that you are doing it the right way, and have all the tools you need to succeed. You want realistic success, and the ability to know the harder you work with whatever you are doing along side someone like myself who actually cares about your well being, you will know and feel safe and secure that you are in good hands. 

As a dietitian I do not make promises I can’t keep. My goal is to get you there step by step, without overwhelming you, and creating a plan that over time works for your greater good. This is a process that takes times, months and even years of small behavior changes to keep you on the golden path so you are feeling great and living your best life. That is what we are here for, to help you and be by your side on your journey.

Till next week stay safe, make health eating choices, and look forward, never behind, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

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