When there’s so much nutrition information out there, why work with a dietitian? Well, there’s plenty of reasons people with dietitians, from as simple as accountability and support to knowledge growth and management of chronic diseases.

3 Reasons to Work with a Registered Deititian

1. Personalized Nutrition 

Our bodies are all different, so it comes no surprise that we all have different nutrient needs. What worked for one person won’t necessarily work for someone else. Whether your goal is management of a chronic condition or weight loss a Registered Dietitian can help you get there. Registered Dietitians will work with you to identify foods that may trigger adverse reactions, or help alleviate symptoms. Together we can build a diet that suits you, your lifestyle and your goals.

2. Support and Accountability

Whether weekly or monthly, check-ins with your dietitian can help you stay on track with your goals and shed light on some of the confusing areas of nutrition. For many people nutrition can be confusing and overwhelming. Having a Registered Dietitian on hand to answer questions and provide feedback, can help keep you on motivated and on track to your goals. In addition to appointments, I offer FREE, unlimited text support for all clients enrolled in my WISE Eats Accountability + program.Enrol today and receive the summer discount!

3. Expertise Nutrition

Registered dietitians have spent countless hours studying food and nutrition, completing 1000+ hour internships, writing qualifying exams and completing continuing education courses. It’s safe to say we are veryknowledgable when it comes to nutrition. Although there’s a wealth of nutrition “information”, “tips” and “advice” to be found on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, it’s often antidotal at best and isn’t usually supported by science research. By working with a Registered Dietitian, you get access to accurate and reliable nutrition information and helps you to form sustainable habits rather than completing a crash-course diet. Our bodies are all different, so it’s no surprise that we all have different nutrient needs. Whether your goal is the management of a chronic condition or weight loss, Registered Dietitians will help you identify what your body needs.

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