Almost all of us have had a friend, family member, or co-worker suggest a diet or exclusion of a particular food based on personal experience. But despite their good intentions, what worked for them will not necessarily work for you. This is because we are all unique. Although our DNA may be nearly identical, our bodies all have different needs, likes and dislikes, and reactions to foods. Even two individuals with the same condition or nutritional goals can have different responses to the same food. 

Management of Chronic Conditions

For newly diagnosed individuals, it may be very reassuring to gather information from family and friends that have a similar diagnosis or experience. Although this advice may provide unique insights and support, it does not account for our personalized needs.

Personalized Nutrition with the Help of a Dietitian

Working with a registered dietitian (RD) will help you identify what foods do and do not work well for your personalized needs, taking into consideration secondary risk factors and external factors, such as medications and daily routines.

Registered dietitians can help you negative the changes in your diet. Registered dietitians work with you to identify what foods may trigger adverse reactions and responses while teaching you how to incorporate beneficial foods into your diet. Registered dietitians will support your work towards your nutritional and health goals while also equipping you with the tools and confidence to be in charge of your nutritional management of a condition.

The Takeaway

Each of us have different nutritional needs, even if we share nutritional goals. Although a particular diet may come highly recommended, it does not guarantee success for you. Registered dietitian can assist you in reaching your goals with personalized nutrition recommendations. 

Meet Your Needs with Personalized Nutrition

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